Emmet Lego Costume 2

Building an Awesome Emmet Lego Halloween Costume

I’m unsure about how exactly it happened, but the family had committed to attending a Halloween costume party. The kids and wife already had costumes. Sure, I could buy something, but what’s the fun in that? Going through ideas in my head, I thought being a Lego brick would be cool, and then I came…


Building Huge Carriage Style Doors

On the rear of our barn, I left an 8×8 hole to provide rear access. At the time, I wasn’t sure whether I wanted to put an overhead door there, or something else. Ironically, that access has been blocked by a false wall I put in that provided no access at all. Over the course…

PVC Planter

Build a PVC Planter

We were at the local hardware store, buying some flowers and gardening supplies. Mrs. Moist thought a large planter would look great in between our garage doors in our driveway. They have large ceramic planters available, but nothing that quite fit our style. So we’re off on a project – to build a planter just…

Plastic and Plexiglass Bender

Plastic and Plexiglass Bender on a Budget

First a little back story on this one. Since I started commuting to work more often on the DRZ, and from farther away, the wind has started getting to me. The design of the DRZ headlight bezel deflects wind directly at your chest. For that reason, going over 60 MPH or so gets to be…

MCM Raspberry Pi Model B+ Kits

MCM Electronics Raspberry Pi Kit Designs

I got the opportunity to work as part of a small team at MCM on taking the extremely famous Raspberry Pi board – a lower-margin product – and developing an offering of kits around it. The Pi itself is an amazing thing; a credit card sized computer which costs only $35. What sets it apart…

www.cincykarting.com screen shot

Full Throttle Indoor Karting Website

Website design and implementation for the Full Throttle Indoor Karting, Cincinnati’s premier indoor karting facility. Full Throttle aimed to fill a void in the Cincinnati area by opening an industry leading indoor karting facility. Complete site design geared foremost towards supplying information Built on a WordPress platform, with all content database driven Integrated with ClubSpeed…

www.keystonegutterprotection.com screen shot

Keystone Gutter Protection Website

Website design and implementation for Keystone Gutter Protection, an authorized LeafFilter gutter protection installer serving Dauphin, PA and the surrounding areas. Built on a custom PHP platform Accepts and validates entries and features email automation Keystone Gutter Protection wanted an informational site to help create a presence online and supplement their brand. Visit Site

Callahan Apparel Design 1

Callahan Apparel Design

Apparel designs to promote Callahan Photography.

Callahan Photography Logo

Callahan Photography Logo Design

Logo to represent Callahan Photography. Client requested that the logo have a mid evil feel and appeal to the client’s main demographic; young, trendy, fashion conscious people. To be used initially as marking on client’s photos.

MCM Data Dashboard 1

MCM Data Dashboard

MCM needed a tool developed to display and share up-to-date company stats to its employees via department and employee specific dashboards. The result was a login based web portal that integrated with several data sources, including the company’s backend system and its analytics tool. Each employee’s access to any of the available reports may be…