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Reasons I Think it's Still Wise to Know Javascript

With libraries out there like jQuery and MooTools, the need for a front end developer to know Javascript is lessening. jQuery's selector and simple method based context makes it easy for those who have no coding experience to jump right in and hang with those who do. There are, however, some instances, in my opinion, that knowing Javascript can be very handy.

Adobe Extendedscript Toolkit

This IDE allows an Adobe user to write all sizes of scripts to automate tasks in all of its programs. Automate image resizing and directory creation. Employ conditional logic to an action. Target multiple Adobe applications with one script. Do all of this and more with the Adobe Extendedscript Toolkit. What language are these scripts written in? You guessed it. The primary language is Javascript. Optionally, use VBScript or AppleScript. Of what value is this to a front end web developer? A user could write a script to open a site mockup, chop into slices, save them all and close the document, all in the blink of an eye. Photoshop 7.xx users can download the extension. (This tool comes with any CS editions)


UltraEdit is my favorite text editor. It's lightweight, easy to use and very customizable. The latest version incorporates scripts that can be written and called with hotkeys, or by referencing the menu. Much like the Extendedscript Toolkit above, these scripts are written in Javascript and can make automation or repetitive tasks very simple. Need to print an HTML snippet? Use a script. Need to tag all of the files in a directory with your 'copyright comment'? Use a script. Write a script to find all special characters in some text and replace them with their respective hex codes. These were just a few instances where I use Javascript in applications other than web development.

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