Learn to Solder Final Product Featured

Learn to Solder Sign

The inaugural Dayton Mini Maker Faire is coming up an a couple weeks at Carillon Park. MCM and Proto Build Bar are playing a huge role in putting the event on. In addition to manning the Boneyard Buildoff and 3D Printing Pavilion, they’re also teaming up to host the Learn to Solder booth at the…



MCM needed to employ a logo for the Do It Yourself section of its website; a place where step by step instructions would be given to complete various technical tasks pertaining to their products. The logo was requested to be fun, simple and eye-catching, as it would be promoted on the homepage of their website…

MCM DIY Illustration

MCM DIY Illustrations

Several informational illustrations were required to be created for various MCM DIY stories. They were to be simple and easily read.