MCM Sign Final

MCM Electronics Dimensional Letter and Back Lit Sign

A bit ago, we started shooting videos at MCM for our “New Product Saturdays” campaign. At the outset, though, our set was a bit…bland. Essentially, we were shooting at a table I built with a cinder block wall backdrop. To add some interest, I thought it would be cool to add some branding in the…

Aarons MCM Trade Show Banners

Aaron’s MCM Tradeshow Signs

MCM’s Tier 1 team attends and Aaron’s vendor-only trade show each year. For 2016, they were looking to update their presence. I conceptualized, photographed, copywrote and designed two banners to sit at the front of their trade show booth. Positive feedback from the show illustrated that the banners served their purpose well, as MCM was…

Eben Upton at MakerCon Bay Area 2015

Raspberry Pi 3rd Birthday Infographic and Timeline

Yesterday was a busy day. It was the fourth birthday of Raspberry Pi, as well as the launch of the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B. As I was cruising Facebook, something familiar appeared. The hero image of a Make: post featured a picture of Eben Upton, the founder of the Raspberry Pi giving a talk….

Repackaged Tenma Test and Soldering Equipment

Tenma Soldering and Test Equipment Packaging

Tenma is a soldering and test equipment brand that’s been around since the early 1980s. It has been traditionally offered directly to customers through MCM Electronics and it’s sister companies. An initiative by MCM to increase sales to retail stores saw a need for a unified packaging presence. Boxes and clamshell packaging were reworked to…

Finished Moist Family Sign

The Moist Family Sign

Since moving into our new home a few years ago, we’ve struggled to “make it our own”. We’ve painted, recarpeted, finished, and it’s coming along. I thought it would be a great idea to come up with some sort of sign that could hang by the road that could really add something unique to the…

Ohio Shaped Oak Wall Sign with Script on Shelf

Ohio Script Signs

I’m having so much fun with the CNC router! I knocked out a few Ohio-shaped signs as gifts over the holidays, which turned out pretty well. If you want one, there are a couple on the family’s Etsy shop. They’re made from red oak hardwood, with a sawtooth hanger and rubber bumpers on the back…

Tenma Trade Show Banners

Tenma Tradeshow Signs

MCM’s Tier 1 team needed a couple of signs to help promote off Tenma’s two strengths; their soldering and test equipment. I shot, wrote copy and designed these, then had them printed at  

MCM Electronics Website

MCM Electronics Website Front-End

As MCM Electronics went to a new web platform in 2011, I was in charge of implementing a new front-end. All XHTML and CSS was custom written and integrated into the .NET C# back-end. jQuery was used as the javascript library of choice. Since, the website has undergone many front-end changes that I’ve implemented. Nearly…


Raspberry Pi Illustrations

As part of the marketing materials created for various Raspberry Pi computer models, I created several 3/4 illustrations, which were used in various banners and displays.

Johnstone Supply Part Stock Mobile Web Application

Johnstone Supply Part Stock Web App

Johnstone Supply is a US leader in the distribution of HVAC repair parts. Their company is comprised of hundreds of individually owned stores all over North America. They needed a solution to allow their field techs to easily replenish their trucks after making a repair. I created a robust mobile web application written in PHP…