Tenma Website

Tenma Test Equipment and Soldering Website

In the MCM/Newark merger, it was decided that the Tenma website was due for a refresh. I decided that because supporting documents, images and product data for Tenma products were able to be found on Newark and Farnell’s websites, the updated Tenma site would be high level. I put together a one-page parallax-style responsive website…

MCM Electronics Website

MCM Electronics Website Front-End

As MCM Electronics went to a new web platform in 2011, I was in charge of implementing a new front-end. All XHTML and CSS was custom written and integrated into the .NET C# back-end. jQuery was used as the javascript library of choice. Since, the website has undergone many front-end changes that I’ve implemented. Nearly…

Johnstone Supply Part Stock Mobile Web Application

Johnstone Supply Part Stock Web App

Johnstone Supply is a US leader in the distribution of HVAC repair parts. Their company is comprised of hundreds of individually owned stores all over North America. They needed a solution to allow their field techs to easily replenish their trucks after making a repair. I created a robust mobile web application written in PHP…

Johnstone Supply Homepage

Johnstone Supply Store Homepage

I was contracted by Johnstone Supply to create a webpage that they could roll out to their stores as a dedicated homepage for their counter computers. The page was comprised of useful links, as well as forms that pointed to their various tools and part searches. It provided a one-stop shop for all of the…

Fantech Part Finder

Fantech Part Finder

Johnstone Supply needed a way for their users to find parts based off attributes of a shell drive. I created a small web application using PHP and MySQL that allowed the user to select attributes, which returned all applicable parts to their query. This tool is currently being used on the Johnstone website. Visit Application

Johnstone Supply Think Big

Johnstone Supply Think Big Web App

Johnstone Supply wanted to create a facility for their employees to survey a building or series of buildings and record the HVAC equipment within. It would then be passed to a vendor to quote additional necessary information. The end result was a summary that determined how much Johnstone could save the company by updating their…

Full Throttle Website Homepage

Full Throttle Indoor Karting Website

Website design and implementation for the Full Throttle Indoor Karting, Cincinnati’s premier indoor karting facility. Full Throttle aimed to fill a void in the Cincinnati area by opening an industry leading indoor karting facility. Complete site design geared foremost towards supplying information Built on a WordPress platform, with all content database driven Integrated with ClubSpeed…

www.keystonegutterprotection.com screen shot

Keystone Gutter Protection Website

Website design and implementation for Keystone Gutter Protection, an authorized LeafFilter gutter protection installer serving Dauphin, PA and the surrounding areas. Built on a custom PHP platform Accepts and validates entries and features email automation Keystone Gutter Protection wanted an informational site to help create a presence online and supplement their brand. Visit Site

MCM Data Dashboard 1

MCM Data Dashboard

MCM needed a tool developed to display and share up-to-date company stats to its employees via department and employee specific dashboards. The result was a login based web portal that integrated with several data sources, including the company’s backend system and its analytics tool. Each employee’s access to any of the available reports may be…

www.live-edge.com screen shot

LiveEDGE Website

Website design and implementation for LiveEDGE, Premier Farnell’s $100,000 yearly electronics design competition. Built on a custom PHP platform Multilingual Accepts and validates entries and features email automation Full Omniture implementation. Since going live, this site has worked seamlessly. It has registered over 500 entrants and averages over 6500 visitors/month from all over the world….