Eco Bean Sign

Eco Bean Coffee Dimensional Sign

Eco Bean requested a sign for their offices that would be wall mounted. Since they were to be mounting it themselves, instead of requiring every component to be mounted in a floating fashion, I decided to mount all the components to a semi-transparent (2447) 3/16″ acrylic sheet. I routed all the shapes individually from 12mm PVC and painted them according to their brand colors using satin paints. The leaf and bean colors were painted directly into the acrylic, while the PVC outline would frame the colors.

Eco Bean Sign Parts Routed Eco Bean Sign Ready for Paint Eco Bean Sign Painting

After painting was complete, assembly could start. Putting everything together really made the colors pop. Eco Bean did a great job choosing their color palette.

Eco Bean Sign AssemblyEco Bean Sign Assembly

Each component was glued down using clear PVC cement. I had some concern that the PVC and acrylic would not bond well to one another, but after a test, it was plain this would work just fine.

Mounting was performed using stainless standoffs through routed holes in the acrylic substrate. The finished product turned out wonderfully, and I couldn’t be happier!

Eco Bean Sign