Johnstone Supply Think Big

Johnstone Supply Think Big Web App

Johnstone Supply wanted to create a facility for their employees to survey a building or series of buildings and record the HVAC equipment within. It would then be passed to a vendor to quote additional necessary information. The end result was a summary that determined how much Johnstone could save the company by updating their equipment. I was contracted to create a web application, dubbed “Think Big” that would allow the surveyor to record all of this data in a structured format, then submit for future reference. I wrote the application in PHP and MySQL, and made it fully responsive for use in the field on mobile devices. It was important to logically present the surveyor with a relevant series of questions that weren’t overwhelming. Documentation was created and training was rolled out to Johnstone employees.

  • Large form that allowed recording of various pieces of equipment to¬† a database for later reference
  • Allowed saving for later
  • Once completed, info was passed along to a reviewer for approval
  • Full email integration to notify and report to all relevant parties
  • Version, history and timeline recording for each survey
  • Administration panel to view and download reports and surveys
Think Big Surveyor Info Collection
Think Big Building Info Collection
Think Big Equipment Info Collection
Think Big Motor Info Collection
Think Big Summary
Johnstone Supply Think Big Flow