MCM Data Dashboard 1

MCM Data Dashboard

MCM needed a tool developed to display and share up-to-date company stats to its employees via department and employee specific dashboards.

The result was a login based web portal that integrated with several data sources, including the company’s backend system and its analytics tool. Each employee’s access to any of the available reports may be restricted as needed.

The tool was required to be displayed both on flatscreens throughout the building and on any employee’s desktop. This was achieved by enabling the ability to hide all elements of the page, save for the reports, at the click of a button.

In addition to the above features, full support documentation for users was created, including a how-to movie, FAQ and email support.

Intro/Login Page
MCM Data Dashboard 1

Video Tutorial
MCM Data Dashboard 4

Sample Dashboard
MCM Data Dashboard 3

Flatscreen View
MCM Data Dashboard 2