MCM Electronics Spotlight Saturday Videos

MCM Electronics Product Spotlight Saturday Video Series

When at MCM, I initiated a new campaign that centered around new and exciting products being offered. Each week, I’d write a script, film and edit the video, and create an email that would go out to our user base on Saturday. I assembled a set in the warehouse, building workbenches, signage, and setting up lighting and audio recording equipment. I managed this campaign from October 2015 through October, 2016. It consisted of around 42 videos. Shooting was done on two Nikon D3300s. Sound was recorded on a shotgun mic above the actors. Editing was done using CyberLink PowerDirector.

Here are some of the better performing videos. All videos can be seen on MCM’s YouTube channel.

LED Strip Lighting

MCM sells a wide range of LED lighting. There are several types of this lighting, so we focussed on the different types, and then completed a project to illustrate how they can be valuable in a real-world scenario.


The GaffGun is a tape gun specifically designed to quickly lay down gaffers tape to cover cable runs, tape down carpets, and more. We created a video to illustrate how it works, and why it’s beneficial.

Weatherproof Case Testing

MCM’s house line of weatherproof cases are a great value, and we wanted to illustrate how they held up to various types of environments and abuse.