MVSCC Autocross Award Decals

The Miami Valley Sports Car Club has been holding autocrosses in the Dayton area for a long time. In fact, they were one of the first clubs I raced with. This year, Autocross Digits decided to sponsor their series by donating decals that would go on and be given away with the awards at each event. The main award would be a small plastic cone with the MVSCC logo on it (the whole point of autocross is to race around a course set up with cones). Along with the cones, first place drivers would get a gold medal decal and the others who placed would get a silver medal decal. These could be placed on the car for bragging rights, on a jack, toolbox, or anywhere else they deemed fit. I worked with the board members to create art for the decals and had them printed.

Autocross Award Decals