MCM Electronics Spotlight Saturday Videos

MCM Electronics Product Spotlight Saturday Video Series

When at MCM, I initiated a new campaign that centered around new and exciting products being offered. Each week, I’d write a script, film and edit the video, and create an email that would go out to our user base on Saturday. I assembled a set in the warehouse, building workbenches, signage, and setting up…

Raspberry Pi 3 Launch Video

Raspberry Pi Intro Video and Accessory Videos

One of the larger products sold by MCM Electronics is the Raspberry Pi. About once a year, a new model comes out with improved features. Because the product is so new, content created is consumed rapidly. These videos often ranked highly in Google searches and on YouTube out of the gate, giving MCM an advantage….

Outer Banks Vacation

Family Vacation Video Recap – 2015

I thought it would be a great keepsake to film a video of our family vacation to the Outer Banks – something that could live on after the memories fade. I brought my Nikon D3300, GoPro, and iPhone along to record as much as I could, and at the end of the week, edited it…