Ultimaker Enter to Win Display

Ultimaker Contest Display

Ultimaker, a leading producer of 3D printers, sponsored a giveaway at the Bay Area Maker Faire in conjunction with MCM Electronics. I was tasked to make a display where attendants could enter their contact information for a chance to win an Ultimaker 2 3D printer.

It would be easy to collect entries on paper, but cataloging them into our customer database after the show would mean hours worth of data entry. Why not use a computer to collect the info instead? Better yet, why not use a Raspberry Pi computer and official Raspberry Pi touchscreen that could be integrated directly into the display?

I designed a poster that would encompass the screen and mounted it on foam core. I used an old metal book end to ensure the whole display would remain standing. PHP was installed on the Raspberry Pi computer and ran my web application to collect responses locally. The result was an eye-catching point of purchase-style display that worked wonderfully. It collected several hundred entrants over the course of the weekend.

Win an Ultimaker