Raspberry Pi Illustrations

As part of the marketing materials created for various Raspberry Pi computer models, I created several 3/4 illustrations, which were used in various banners and displays.

PVC Planter Complete

Build a PVC Planter

We were at the local hardware store, buying some flowers and gardening supplies. Mrs. Moist thought a large planter would look great in between our garage doors in our driveway. They have large ceramic planters available, but nothing that quite fit our style. So we’re off on a project – to build a planter just…

Plastic and Plexiglass Bender

Plastic and Plexiglass Bender on a Budget

First a little back story on this one. Since I started commuting to work more often on the DRZ, and from farther away, the wind has started getting to me. The design of the DRZ headlight bezel deflects wind directly at your chest. For that reason, going over 60 MPH or so gets to be…